All cabinets are NOT created equal -
and neither are your kitchen organization needs.

No matter at what age, we all want to be better organized and have easier access to what we store in our cabinets. As we get older, mobility issues make easier access a necessity.

What We Do

We solve access problems created by blind or lost corners. Our services are truly custom fitting for all sizes and rooms. We utilize full space and storage with custom, rare, and one of a kind work that fits you.    

We can work around obstacles with L-shape, U-shape, or irregular shaped pullouts, as well as provide pullouts in the toe kick section of the cabinet.

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Patented Lost Corner

Easy access to lost corner by making pullouts that slide sideways and then out of the corner

Curved Drawers

Odd shaped pullouts to work around obstacles –

  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Irregular shaped

Slide Out Drawers

• Pantries     
• Bathrooms     
• Home Offices   
• Laundry Rooms  
• Closets  
• Garages

Make your kitchen cabinets cater to your needs,
not the other way around. Organization and accessibility are key.


“We absolutely love the cedar drawers that Drawer & Shelf installed in our bedroom! All of my sweaters, purses and bulky clothing fit beautifully and I still have room to spare! The workmanship was excellent and the service was outstanding. We were so happy with D&S that we had them install drawers in my son’s room and the lost corner solution for my kitchen. We couldn’t be happier! Drawer and Shelf Solutions are pros!”
D & D
Half Moon Bay, CA
“I have some very heavy pots that are copper and I told Walt my concern that they would weigh too much to have the pull-out shelves be able to handle them. I also didn’t want to have the kitchen look altered, where the change would be visible on the cabinet since I was only doing one area. Walt assured me that everything would work out. He was right!”
La Honda, CA